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About Cydarm:

Cydarm's Cyber Response Management platform provides a whole-of-business approach to security operations.

Designed to support a constantly changing landscape, Cydarm provides capabilities that cover a comprehensive set of needs for security operations teams. These include case management, data enrichment, integrations, editable playbooks, reporting, collaboration, and response time SLAs.

Security operations teams now need to analyze, respond, collaborate, communicate, report, and comply.

Management and executive leadership teams need to focus on the people and process aspect of a function with expanding role types. Cydarm provides efficient and effective ways to support and enable distributed staff in an area where skills shortages and burnout levels are high.

Cydarm's Cyber Response Management Platform was built to support today's security teams, as well as help solve executive and board level concerns.

Cydarm Trial FAQs

How long will my trial run for?

Cydarm trials are set to run for 30 days, however should you require more time to properly evaluate our cyber response management software you can reach out to our team at any time during those 30 days to discuss extending your trial.

How long does it take to set up my trial?

At most you should expect to wait for one business day. Usually it's significantly faster, but if you haven't received any communication from us in that time please be sure to reach out to us via or the Contact Us page.

What happens at the end of my trial? 

Should you reach the end of the 30 days and there has been no request for an extension of your trial, we'll notify you that your trial is going to end a few days beforehand. Your instance will be terminated and unrecoverable at the completion of your trial end date.

Do I get access to training?

You sure do. You'll receive onboarding instructions with tips on how to get the most out of the platform's capabilities, as well as access to the free trial knowledge base.

Does the Cydarm Trial have all the features of a paid version?

Some of Cydarm’s capabilities such as integrations and automations relating to other software are configured after purchase. Paid versions also come with pre-loaded playbooks for incident response workflows, support features, technical documentation, and dedicated customer success representatives.

Beyond these things, the capabilities within your version of Cydarm are the same as the paid version.

Can I add other users from my organization to my trial?

Absolutely. A key capability of the Cydarm Cyber Response Management Platform is collaboration. To add more users to your trial, contact

Do I need a Credit Card to sign-up for my Free Trial?

No credit card required! We just need the details you see on the form above.

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