Hybrid Teams

Not all security operations functions are entirely in-house for every organization. Hiring, enabling, and coordinating a security team across multiple locations, time zones, and platforms in your cyber incident response process can be challenging.

Hybrid cyber response management means dealing with 3rd-party service providers like MSPs, MSSPs, and outsourced digital forensics or legal specialists. For sensitive cybersecurity data, it's essential to maintain the need-to-know while enabling the need-to-share to prevent data leakage.

Cydarm for hybrid teams unifies your cyber incident response efforts into one place, supporting security operations efforts wherever the stakeholders are located. Your Cyber Response Management platform comes equipped with granular attribute-based access controls, ensuring sensitive data stays private whilst enabling effective and reliable collaboration where it counts the most.

Work together with anyone - anywhere


Maintain the need-to-know whilst enabling the need-to-share with internal and external stakeholders across your security operations function.


Cyber Response Management software that supports analysis & response, people & process, communication & collaboration, and reporting & compliance.


Embed your organization's workflows, integrate with your technology stack, and have assurance of a repeatable, scalable cyber incident response plan.

Stop cyber data leakage to 3rd-parties

Collaborating effectively with outsourced 3rd-party service providers like MSPs, MSSPs, Digital Forensics, and Legal is one of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing part of your security operations capability.

Conducting joint investigations while sharing only the information suitable for each stakeholder is the key to a zero-trust approach to hybrid cyber response management.

Cydarm for hybrid teams utilizes granular attribute-based access controls, enabling internal stakeholders to bring key collaborators onto the platform while sharing only what they need to know.

A single cyber response console for collaboration between internal and external stakeholders

Granular attribute-based access controls stops data leakage to 3rd-party service providers

Keep sensitive data separate.
Integrates with common ITSM and messaging platforms.

See and collaborate on response efforts in real-time

Regulatory compliance for mandatory reporting timeframes when a cyber incident occurs means every minute counts.

Cydarm for hybrid teams allows stakeholders to track and collaborate on response efforts in real-time in a secure environment. No more waiting for calls, insecure emails, or hourly update reports.

When it comes to keeping up with your compliance obligations, Cydarm for hybrid teams enables configuration of service level agreements (SLAs) or objectives (SLOs) around key security operations metrics.

This means efficient, easy, and reliable tracking of all participants’ performance with the ability to generate relevant reports to send to key internal stakeholders or partners.

Maintain cyber incident compliance reporting timeframes
Set alerts when approaching or breaching SLAs
Fast and easy report generation on data and metrics that matter

A symbiotic solution to hybrid cyber response management

Every organization has unique requirements when it comes to incident response. Unfortunately, this means working with outsourced providers can be time intensive before, during, and after an incident. Cydarm for hybrid teams supports implementation of response plan playbooks to ensure a consistent, open-source format to embed incident response workflows. Playbooks disseminate the most recent knowledge and methodologies to stakeholders quickly, resulting in less hand-holding and significant resource saving.

Cyber Response Lifecycle MSSP

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