Virtual Teams

Working from anywhere is the new normal, and Cydarm for virtual teams makes securely coordinating a cyber security operations team across multiple locations, time zones and business segments seamless. Staff can collaborate in real-time, while utilizing common ITSM, messaging, and SIEM integrations to support their workflows.

Cydarm's cyber response management platform removes the common, but unnecessary security risk of performing analysis and response on potentially compromised systems. Sensitive incident response plans, triage activities, communications, and indicators of compromise (IoCs) are protected from data leakage with granular attribute-based access controls.

Cybersecurity teams now need to analyze, respond, collaborate, communicate, report, and comply. Cydarm for virtual teams increases productivity with an easy-to-use interface and at-a-glance case timeline. Response playbook capabilities enable consistent response, reduction of cognitive load, faster staff onboarding, and easier junior staff training. Threat data enrichment, mitre-attack tagging, and IoC exporting means your cyber threat intelligence team can use the data that matters most - threats specific to your environment from actual incidents.

Report quickly on individual cases, organization summaries, mitre-attack data, IoCs, staff activities, and more with just a few clicks. Cydarm enables a data-informed approach to your cybersecurity strategy, resource planning, and budgetary decisions. Easily comply with regulatory requirements and mandatory cyber incident reporting timeframes while maintaining a system of record for auditing bodies.

Remote working across the globe


Collaborate in real-time with distributed team members, with integrations that support off-platform communication of non-sensitive data.


Cydarm supports a whole-of-business approach to cybersecurity operations. Easily embed your unique workflows and requirements.


Perform consistent investigations to build successful cyber resilience. Enable people and process to reduce stress and burnout.

Support your most valuable cybersecurity resource - your people.

Cybersecurity staff that sit within security operations functions are faced with more cyber threats than ever before. Increasing regulatory requirements for cyber incident response mean they now need to analyze, respond, collaborate, communicate, report, and comply.

Cydarm for virtual teams enables efficiency while increasing effectiveness. Our cyber response management platform supports people, process, and technology across four domains:

✓ Analysis and Response
✓ Communication and Collaboration
✓ People and Process
✓ Reporting and Complying

Maintain a unified approach to managing analysis and response efforts.

Utilize playbooks to reduce cognitive load and enable new or junior staff.

Fast and easy reporting on data that matters, simplify incident compliance.

Security control improvement - Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover.

Cybersecurity built on evidence

Data from security operations and incident response can contribute to cybersecurity planning that improves an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Cydarm allows reports on cyber incidents to be easily generated so that a security team can not only track and communicate changes in the threat environment, but also justify investment into appropriate security controls.

  • Use MITRE ATT&CK to understand threats and incident occurrences
  • Report on incident types occurring in the network
  • Understand incident trends and changes in the threat environment

Setting up for success in the SOC

Appropriately distributing a cybersecurity team's workload is key to preventing burnout and maintaining response effectiveness.

The Cydarm platform tracks case handling metrics so management can easily understand how the team is performing, and understand what training and support is needed to optimize the team’s skills and personal well-being.

Report on key metrics for the whole team and its members
Automatically generate incident and operational reporting
Auto-redact sensitive information from reporting

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