Virtual SOC

Coordinating a team across multiple locations, time zones and platforms in your incident response processes can be challenging. Cydarm unifies the incident response efforts into one place, supporting security operations efforts wherever the teams are located.

Remote working across the globe


Effective cybersecurity incident response is an activity that involves the entire organization, not just the incident response team.


Cydarm supports a holistic, top down approach to enterprise security operations and incident response.


Cydarm helps your business collaborate faster and more effectively and perform consistent investigations to build successful cyber resilience.

Keeping responses consistent to the playbook

Cydarm implements open source playbooks to describe incident response workflows. These shareable resources disseminate up-to-date knowledge and methodologies to team members quickly, resulting in improved organizational ability to adapt and respond to any new threats.

Maintain a unified approach to managing security incidents

Disseminate the latest approach to incident response rapidly

Import and export playbooks

Security control improvement - Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover.

Cybersecurity built on evidence

Data from security operations and incident response can contribute to cybersecurity planning that improves an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Cydarm allows reports on cyber incidents to be easily generated so that a security team can not only track and communicate changes in the threat environment, but also justify investment into appropriate security controls.

  • Use MITRE ATT&CK to understand threats and incident occurrences
  • Report on incident types occurring in the network
  • Understand incident trends and changes in the threat environment

Setting up for success in the SOC

Appropriately distributing a cybersecurity team's workload is key to preventing burnout and maintaining response effectiveness.

The Cydarm platform tracks case handling metrics so management can easily understand how the team is performing, and understand what training and support is needed to optimize the team’s skills and personal well-being.

Report on key metrics for the whole team and its members
Automatically generate incident and operational reporting
Auto-redact sensitive information from reporting

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