When running a MSSP, an efficient security operations team (SOC) able to distribute their efforts sustainably is essential to preventing burnout. Cydarm integrates with other 3rd party security solutions so MSSP teams can appropriately balance responsibilities to mitigate threats with confidence.

Time is money.


Effective cybersecurity incident response is an activity that involves the entire organization, not just the incident response team


Cydarm supports a holistic, top down approach to enterprise security operations and incident response.


Cydarm helps your business collaborate faster and more effectively and perform consistent investigations to build successful cyber resilience.

Aiding incident response teams with various parties.

Maintain the need to know

Collaborating effectively with clients is one of the most difficult aspects of running a MSSP. Conducting joint investigations with differing levels of access to data and telemetry, and documenting and retaining investigatory evidence can truly be challenging. To navigate the joint effort, Cydarm implements attribute-based access control (ABAC), which allows all appropriate collaborators on the platform to share only what is needed.

  • A single management display console for all participants to collaborate on incidents
  • Attribute-based access control keeps sensitive information secure
  • Integrations with common ITSM platforms to instigate and track customer remediation activities

Keeping responses consistent with the playbook

Security operations teams suffer from some of the highest staff turnover in the cybersecurity industry. Retaining staff through better operational coordination and knowledge continuity is critical in a high pressure environment.

Playbooks disseminate new knowledge and methodologies to team members quickly, resulting in improved organizational ability to adapt to new threats.

Cydarm implements a consistent, open-source playbook format to describe incident response workflows. This maintains a source of truth for response activities that can easily be imported and exported to share with communities of interest.

Maintain a unified approach to managing security incidents
Onboard new personnel quickly and get them up to speed
Import and export playbooks

Stay accountable to your customers

Accountability is paramount to a solid working relationship. Cydarm makes it easy to maintain and configure service levels around key security operations metrics, so management can keep track of KPIs and generate reports to send to all internal stakeholders or customers.

Cydarm makes incident and operational reporting simple so that you can demonstrate value to your customers with little effort.

Reduce time spent reporting with easily generated reports

Set and report on service levels, such as mean time to respond, contain, or recover

Generate reporting on preset service levels agreements or objectives

Continuous improvement driven by data

Cydarm leverages incident data as usable and essential performance indicators that supports improvement in the SOC or facilitates sales discussions for improvements in your customers controls.

Security control improvement - Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover.

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