Video: Reporting Overview

Video Transcript:

0:01 In this video we're going to talk about reporting inside Cydarm. So to access reporting, click on the metrics tab, and from here there are a number of different reports that you can generate.

0:12 We'll start off with the summary report. So first you'll need to select the organization with Inside Cydarm that you want to generate the report on.

0:22 Then you'll need to select the time range from, and two, if we preview the report, we can see that it generates a number of different operational metrics relating to the cases within Cydarm.

0:39 We also have a listing of all of the cases in the time period with some summary data. If we download the report, it will download a version of the report in a Doc X file.

0:55 And if we open that up, we can see that it is the same information just within a Word document, which we can then edit, tweak customized to our needs.

1:09 Next we we'll have a look at the case details report. So again, you need to select an organization a time range.

1:19 There are some optional filters here so users, tags to include or exclude and severities. Again, we can preview the report and you can see this is tabular information around the case details within the time range.

1:39 So you can see we've got locator assignee description, severity tags that were applied timeframes around different phases and status. We can download this report and you'll see there's a CSV file and if we look at that CSV file we can see it's a listing on the same data.

2:05 So this might be useful to be analyzed in another spreadsheet or another reporting system that operates on CSV data. There's also a tag heat map report.

2:20 So again, you need to select an organization time range, and you need to select two tab groups to operate on.

2:28 So in this case, we'll operate on the impact group of tags and the mire attack group of tags. If we preview that, we can see what this does is this shows us all cases that have tags in both the impact group and the Mire attack group.

2:48 And it generates a matrix that displays how many cases have each, each combination. So there's one case that has A tag of impact in insignificant and a tag of murder attack connection proxy.

3:06 There are two cases that have an impact of low and this mire attack exploitation for defense of a case and so on.

3:17 You can download this report as well. It's a CSV file and you can see it contains the same matrix. Next we'll look at charts.

3:32 So on the charts page we display some simple operational metrics relating to the cases within inside arm. We have a number of timeframes to select from today, yesterday, last week, week to date, or all time.

3:48 Okay, now that's a quick overview of reporting inside arm. Thanks for watching.