Video: Create & Edit Playbooks

Video Transcript:

0:01 In this video, we're gonna talk about playbooks editing and creating new playbooks. So as you can see here, we're on the playbooks tab and we have one particular playbook already open as they're listed down the side here.

0:16 Now, for this playbook if we wanted to edit it, to update it modify it to suit our needs we can do that here.

0:24 So, for example, we can click this button to change the name of the playbook, change the description. We can also go down and look at the individual actions within the playbook, and we can do things like reorder them.

0:42 We can edit the individual steps again, so you can edit the name of the action and the text within the action or you can delete the action.

0:53 Just be aware that if you do hit that delete button, it will delete it and you can't undo that. So you can also add additional actions to a playbook.

1:05 So type in the action name and description and that will add that. One thing to be aware of is that the action names actually are globally unique.

1:22 So if there's already an action in another playbook that has the, you know, this name, then you won't be able to add that.

1:32 Now that's the basics for editing playbooks. Pretty simple. If you wanted to create a new playbook, you can do that by just clicking create new playbook here.

1:43 So let's say we want to create a playbook for compromised user account.  So just add in the title and the description there.

2:05 So here we've created the playbook and now we can go about adding actions. Okay, so let's say we want to add an action for reset user password and go to just put some simple instructions in there.

2:30 And there we go. We've created a new action for this playbook. We might wanna add another action delete applications specific passwords.

2:53 So again, pretty simple to add that if we wanted to go back and change that, obviously we could just go in and re-edit that.

3:05 We might want to do things like say add log out all active sessions. So log all those out. And again, if we decide actually we want to do that one first, we can just reorder them.

3:29 And that's the basics for how to edit or create new playbooks. Thanks for watching.