Case management for cybersecurity operations

Secure platform

Cydarm is a secure platform that enables collaboration for incident response teams, including remote analysts.

ease of use

Cydarm combines ease of use with comprehensive information capture, supporting the full cybersecurity incident response lifecycle.


With fine-grained access control and multi-tenancy, Cydarm ispurpose-built for virtual Security Operations Centres.

Evidence based security

Support cybersecurity investment decisions with a data driven approach.

Cybersecurity operations presents an opportunity to gather metrics that can be used for better decision making.

Identify control coverage and effectiveness, to make the case for new security controls or improving existing controls.

Understanding response times can identify opportunities for improvement, and resourcing gaps.


Integrate with SIEM and other security and IT platforms.

Orchestration to enrich indicators and enable faster analysis.

Cydarm has an open API, so you can write your own integrations and orchestrations.

Best practice and compliance

Cydarm has best practice from leading industry standards for incident response built in and supports compliance requirements for incident response reporting and disclosure.

Cydarm comes with recommended practice for workflow, data management, and reporting built in.

Cydarm enables meeting compliance requirements for incident response reporting and disclosure.


For customers who want to deploy quickly and with minimum overhead, Cydarm is available as a hosted, managed offering in our secure enclave.


For customers who require the platform to be deployed on their own infrastructure, an enterprise option is available.

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