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Support your people, embed your processes

Control access to incident and report data

A case management platform that enables cybersecurity operations teams to collaborate, integrate, and respond with ease.

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A simple & secure

case management solution

Analyst collaboration

Collaborate between analysts, incident response teams, and other stakeholders using need-to-know principles.

Full response lifecycle

From detection to protection, Cydarm helps you understand and improve your control posture.

Supports your workflows & tools

Cydarm’s platform takes is configurable to suit your workflows, and integrates with your tools via a flexible API.

Cydarm can advance incident resolution time by 4X.

Cybersecurity case management and reporting - simplified.

Cydarm platform

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*Average determined by total reponse time in control group before and after platform adoption.

An updated approach to cyber operations

  • Secure -  Cydarm empowers you to navigate and coordinate holistic responses to security breaches.

  • Specific - With fine-grained access control and multi-tenancy, Cydarm is purpose-built for virtual Security Operations Centers.

  • Simple - Cydarm combines ease of use with comprehensive information capture, supporting the full cybersecurity incident response lifecycle.

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Cydarm drives better security outcomes

Cydarm enables cyber resilience by rethinking security operations.

Cydarm supports implementation of the full incident response lifecycle so that cyber-operations teams will better adapt and respond to novel threats.

Cydarm understands that there’s more to cybersecurity than simply stamping out threats. Understanding your threat environment so you can adapt your security posture is the goal.

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Compliant and parallel with best practice

With respect to leading industry standards, such as NIST 800-61r2, Cydarm’s approach to incident response aligns with compliance requirements for incident management, reporting, and disclosure.

Enterprise or hosted solutions

For customers who want to deploy quickly and with minimal overhead, Cydarm is available as a hosted, managed offering in our secure enclave. Those who require the platform to be deployed on their own infrastructure, an enterprise deployment is your best fit.

Trusted by enterprise security leaders.

Cydarm forms a key part of Monash University's ability to track and respond to cyber incidents. In particular, Cydarm has simplified and improved our response playbooks and allowed the Cyber Risk & Resilience teams to have access to a variety of metrics for reporting.
Dan Maslin
CISO, Monash University

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