Hybrid Soc

Cydarm equips hybrid Security Operations Centres (SOC) with a secure case management platform to collaborate effectively with 3rd party Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).

Maintain need to know

Collaborating effectively with 3rd party MSSP is one of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing part of your security operations capability. Conducting joint investigations while sharing only what appropriate partners need to know is key to a hybrid SOC.

Cydarm implements attribute-based access control, which means SOC teams can bring key collaborators onto the platform while sharing only what these teams need to share.

A single management display console for all appropriate teams and external vendors/channels to collaborate on incidents

Attribute-based access control keeps sensitive information safe

Integrations with common ITSM platforms for remediation activities

Work from anywhere

Coordinating a team across multiple locations and time zones can be challenging. Using multiple platforms to support your incident response processes can be equally challenging.

Cydarm unifies the incident response efforts into one place, supporting security operations efforts wherever the teams are located.

Cloud-hosted Cydarm instances accessible from anywhere in the world

A single system to coordinate and manage for the required teams to work on incidents

Flexible time-zone settings supporting international collaboration

Operation by the same playbook

Security teams often rely on documented processes, stored on a wiki or shared-drive, which can get out of date quickly.

Cydarm implements playbooks, using an open-source format, to describe incident response workflows which can be shared with communities of interest.

The Playbooks disseminate new knowledge and methodologies to team members quickly, resulting in improved organisational ability to adapt and respond to any new threats.

Maintain a unified approach to managing security incidents

Disseminate the latest approach to incident response rapidly

Import and export playbooks

Stay accountable to your partners

Ensuring each party involved in a hybrid Security Operations Centre (SOC) stays accountable to their partners is key to maintaining a solid working relationship.

Cydarm makes it easy to configure Service Level Agreements (SLA) or Objectives (SLO) around key security operations metrics, in order to keep track of all participants’ performance, and generate relevant reports to send to key internal stakeholders or partners.

Set your SLAs, such as mean time to respond, contain, or recover

Set alerts when approaching or breaching SLAs

GEnerate reporting on preset SLAs

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