Integrated Security Operations

Effective cybersecurity incident response is an activity that involves the entire organisation not just the incident response team.

Cydarm supports a holistic, top down approach to enterprise security operations and incident response.

Cydarm helps your business collaborate faster and more effectively and perform consistent investigations to build successful cyber resilience.

Cydarm Platform coordinates your response

Coordinating a team across multiple locations and time zones can be challenging. Using dozens of platforms to support your incident response processes can be equally challenging. Cydarm unifies the response efforts into one place, supporting security operations wherever your team is located.

Define and establish incident response processes

Create and disseminate response playbooks

Assign and prioritise incidents and playbook tasks

Collaborate beyond the SOC

Arming the right stakeholders with the right information during a cyber incident is key to managing whole-of-organisation responses to threats. This includes communicating to key executives about ongoing incidents, reporting effectively to regulators, and coordinating messaging to customers and the supply chain.

The Cydarm Platform’s attribute-based access control model allows the team to bring key stakeholders on-platform, giving access to only the data they need and nothing more, or release report data appropriate for the audience.

Collaborate with outsourced security operations partners

Automatically generate incident and operational reportinG

Auto-redact sensitive information from reporting


Cybersecurity teams often rely on documented processes, potentially stored on multiple locations, often in remote sites (wiki or shared-drive). This means they could potentially get out of date quickly. Cydarm implements playbooks using a consistent, open-source format to describe incident response workflows, which can be shared with communities of interest. Playbooks disseminate the most recent knowledge and methodologies to team members quickly, resulting in improved organisational ability to adapt to new threats.

Create playbooks and mix and match playbook tasks

Assign playbook actions to team members

Timestamped response actions are recorded upon task completion

Import and Export playbooks to share with a community of interest

Uplift security posture with
a data-driven approach

Getting management support for new budgets to obtain security controls to mitigate perceived security risks is one of the most challenging aspects of being a security professional. Tracking cyber incidents is critical to understanding security control absences or deficiencies in your IT environment. Cydarm tracks incident types occurring so you can easily report on and prioritise your investment on the highest threats to your organisation.

Use MITRE ATT&CK to understand threats and incident occurrences

Report on incident types occurring in the network

Understand incident trends and changes in the threat environment

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